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So, at 24.09.2019 I went to Erasmus “Media Me” in Germany, where we discussed and learned about radicalism, we had an amazing opportunity to meet specialists in the field of journalism. In this project we discovered different ways of speeding the message, using podcasts, zines and theater. 

In my opinion one of the most important things I gained in this course are contacts of amazing and talented people from all participating countries, seeing their point of view in many different fields and gaining information about culture of different countries, was marvelous.  During this days we had an event called “Open space” where participants could teach something they know to each other, I had an amazing opportunity to learn MMA basic from Lithuanian team leader and working on our own trailer for a film with talented people from Greece, Spain, Germany, Latvia. 

Everything we did this week, was put into the use today, when we presented our final projects. There was an option to choose from making zins, podcasts or scenes from newspapers. I choose to do theater. We worked for our final project for a few days, in this few days we wrote a script and decided how we are going to act, what props do we need. After hard and difficult decision making, we started playing roles and upgraded the play by trying it in real life. We got feedback and we upgraded the play. Slowly we built up the play. The final day came, and we were heeding to Bremen, we went in looked at the stage, made final adjustments and warmed up. Soon after we started to perform to vaping audience of 5 people + all members of project. There were 4 plays, first theme was about church discrimination Agents homosexual people, topic of second play was Greek and Turkeys police unwillingness to help immigrants who are trouble. Third play was about trans man being bullied in woman’s bathroom. Then followed our play it was about Greta Thunber environmental activist from Sweden. I would say we that wasn’t the best attempt of realizing the script, but nothing went wrong in middle off scene, so we managed to play it trough. After theater followed podcast highlights and talks about zines. I would say the day was successful, I boosted my soft skill experience, in public speaking, stage performance, and so on, it made me even think of try out theater in my hometown.

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